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The Mankato Nuns ‘High’ on Mental Energy

Studies of a group of elderly nuns, some over the age of 100, showed excellent mental agility and sharpness.
The nuns were from the convent of the School Sisters of Notre Dame of Good Counsel Hill of Mankato, Minnesota. 

How did they do it?

They kept themselves mentally challenged and active with crosswords, puzzles, reading, singing, hobbies, journaling, gardening, skipping, and learning new languages.  

What a contrast to mindlessly watching TV.


Your Mental Energy is a limited resource-use it wisely

You can reduce mental energy by thinking in visuals and not words. For example, think of your bedroom as an image in your head. You did that in a flash. Now imagine putting all that bedroom information into words. It would be both time and mental energy consuming.

There are numerous times during your day when you can think in pictures and not words. Can you start to name them and save yourself a good deal of mental energy to get you through the day?