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1:1 Mind Chi Mentoring

Would you like a private, one to one session with a Mind Chi Mentor to address your specific situation? Initial 20 minutes are free and then if mutually agreed, you may sign up for one session or a Mind Chi Block of eight sessions. Have one, or a series of eight 1:1 Mind Chi Mentoring sessions with a qualified Mind Chi Mentor.

What is included?

  • Personal Mind Chi Stress & Resilience Questionnaire pre-assessment
  • Mind Chi Mapplan created for your assessment
  • Individual instruction on the Mind Chi 8 steps and application to your MC Mapplan
  • Weekly monitoring during your initial Mind Chi month
  • Personal Mind Chi Stress & Resilience Questionnaire post-assessment at the 28 day stage
  • Crafting your Mind Chi in Action Plan
  • Selecting specific Mind Chi Strategies to assist your situation
  • Personal Mind Chi Stress & Resilience Questionnaire post-assessment at the four month stage

Where does the 1:1 Mind Chi Mentoring take place? What are the costs and time?

The Mind Chi Mentors will conduct the 1:1 sessions either in their office or an agreed, quiet room in a public place (such as a hotel or library). It is preferable to be away from your office or home, but that can also be arranged if it suits you better. (This may occur additional traveling charges.)

The Mind Chi Mentor will arrange their charges with you, approximate charges would be £65.00  – £100.00 per session for an individual session, or £500.00 – £700.00 for the block of 8 Mind Chi Mentoring sessions.

After the initial free 15 minutes, each Mind Chi Mentoring session lasts approximately 45 – 55 minutes.

Mind Chi and your Plastic Brain!

by Vanda North
Why might the word ‘plastic’ be so important in your life?

When you think of plastic, you may think of:

  • Cleaning up the planet…
  • Trying to use fewer plastic bags…
  • The amazing forms and shapes into which plastic can be molded or…
  • The versatility of the compound from thin (paper-like) to very solid.

However, you may not know that it is also thought to be “One of the most extraordinary discoveries of the 20th Century” by Dr. Norman Doidge, psychiatrist, researcher & author. Every new memory or activity that you perform is thanks to the ‘plasticity’ of your brain. Continue reading