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Make a ‘Brag Book’ for the one you love!

Want an UNUSUAL Valentine’s gift – how about a ‘Brag’ Book?

Got a special someone in your life?
Wondering what to get them for this Valentine’s Day that is a bit different and doesn’t cost a mint?

An 'empty' book makes a perfect 'Brag Book'!

An ’empty’ book makes a perfect ‘Brag Book’!

Look no further – the Brag book is your answer!!

You may already have one of those wonderful ‘empty’ books – blank pages just waiting for something to be written on them – this was one I had!

Next, I started to think about all the (mostly) little, thoughtful, considerate, funny, special and loving things my partner did or does for or with me.  I jotted about 6 – 10 of them down.  Then I wrote one on each page, randomly distributed throughout the book.

Brag Book Intro

Brag Book Intro

The wonderful thing about this gift is that it keeps giving; every now and then I will update it, adding all the new items on more random pages.

I began this several years ago now and this book is nearly FULL!

I RE-give it every now and then, for a birthday, when I might have to be away, or when a boost of happiness is needed – it gives BOTH of us such joy, in creating, reading and re-reading it. May it bring you as much happiness as it has brought us!

Pages from our Brag Book

Pages from our Brag Book

8 ways to a Fun Filosofy

The Fun Filisofy!

The Fun Filisofy!






‘There is nothing more serious than a child at play’

It is Friday – prepare to have FUN!

Yes, you probably think about having some fun on the weekend – or do you?
Many people have forgotten about having fun! Is it childish and a waste of time?


Consider these 8 points and if you (AND those around you) might benefit from a Fun Filosofy!

1.   Want to look more beautiful / handsome? Then wear a smile and notice how people respond differently to you. Your fun quotient starts here!

2.   Remember how you were when you first ‘fell in love?’ How everything looked brighter and more beautiful? Well, just re-fall in love with life each day! Make it your conscious choice.

3.    If something unexpected happens, just say ‘How fascinating!’ because it is! Open your eyes/mind and look for what is the gift in the situation.

4.   Be ready to joke, play, laugh, and just enjoy yourself at any moment. It doesn’t mean you don’t care (in fact you probably care most deeply) think of it as adding another colour to the potentially rich pallet of life.

5.   A fun filosofy will dramatically reduce your strain from stress and increase your resilience. Your 8 minutes of Mind Chi every day will encourage you to embrace joy and fun in your life.

6.   If something awkward happens – such as I catch my jacket on a door knob – I think, if that were a game at a fair, I would think it impossible – but I have just done it! And I laugh!

7.   Treat yourself to some crazy underwear! It is difficult to remain too serious when you know you have a minion on your pants!

8.   Love your life and all that is in it! Remember it is your choice – NO ONE elses’!!  Keep your heart light and a spring in your step and look for each opportunity for some FUN!

Please tell us, what do YOU do for your fun filosofy?
Have a FUN-tastic weekend!