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Mind Chi is now on YouTube

Mind Chi now has it’s own channel on YouTube and you can find it  as a playlist at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3DD908698200F28A.  There are three individual videos and the specific links are below:-

1. What is Mind Chi?


2. Becoming a Mind Chi Mentor


3. Check and Develop your Attention Span


Jon Thompson

Jon Thompson photoJon Thompson is a Bournemouth (UK) based NLP Practitioner who started his self-development journey back in 2002 by spending an action-packed weekend with Tony Robbins. Many books, seminars and trainings later have lead him to Mind Chi! After 20 years working in IT for various companies across Europe he is about to launch his own coaching and mentoring business ‘I Feel Great’. Along with becoming an NLP Master Practitioner, Jon is proud and excited to be one of the first Mind Chi Mentors.