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Every week we share a Mind Chi Chat with you, you may find it in the blog section, this week I am confessing a secret…

Does that look good enough to eat?

Discover one birthplace of ‘fake news’ can be your brain. Learn about your memory and how to improve it. And increase your ability to listen – all in this short piece!

Spring is really upon us now!

Every day more flowers and trees burst into bloom, brightness and colour everywhere.

So, how are you?? Are you feeling the joys of spring, and a little like a new born lamb ready to frolic in the fields? Somehow, seeing the tips of the buds pushing through the ground and breaking into flower might fill you with hope, and joyful expectancy of summer to come.

Full of the joys of spring!?

Oh! But what if you are sitting next to a spring joy filled person, and you feel really down?

You see all this ‘springiness’ around you, and for some reason your heart feels heavy. Your mind feels fuzzy, your thoughts slow and mostly in negative circles.

There are many real reasons for this:
– right now more people are experiencing Covid than ever before
– there is more to DO when spring / summer come, and your energy is low
– you have enjoyed snuggling down on your couch, and you don’t want to change.
What other reasons may you have?

BE with your feelings

Allow yourself a transition time. Adjust slowly. Pick one thing you do like and step in gently. Ask for understanding from your co-workers and friends. Here is a blog on transitions.

Become aware that your feelings create a ‘reality’ in your brain, upon which your body acts. This blog on ‘How to BE!’ might assist.

Another big assist, if you are feeling a little down, is to remember how grateful you are and can be for everything in your life. The blog on gratitude, may provide some ideas for you.

Please drop me a line and let me know. If there is any way Chi and our merry band of Mind Chi mentors can assist – just let us know!

Thank you so much for the comments and sharings from last week!
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