Chi Chat – the simple secret to success

YES! Here is the remarkably simple secret to success!

Happy New Year! How has the new year started for you?

Make your happy new year ALL you want it to be! 

I really enjoy that ‘in-between week’ from after xmas to the start of the new year.
I use it to clean out files and summarise what has happened over the past year.
I feel quite holy when there is a nice pile of recyclable papers on the floor and I have slim and well labelled files! 
And then there are the surprises of what had actually happened the previous year.
Do you find you had forgotten, even big things? Some seem longer ago and others more recent. 
However a quick summary map provides a great picture and record of that year.

True confession time!

When, in January 2022, I looked back at my map of the goals for 2021, I was quite disappointed in myself that I had not achieved what were reasonable and I thought important for me, goals. Although I had been ‘busy’ all through, many were only half addressed. 
I was not pleased with me. It made me look at what could I do better in 2022.

So, here is the simple secret to success

At the start of 2022 I made my map of goals and things that were important to me, that I wanted to achieve. 
I printed it and put it on my notice board right by my computer.
Then, AND THIS IS THE CRUCIAL PART, I put a reminder for the last day of each month to take down my map, see how I was doing and mark on it!

My summary map and year / quarter future year map

A steering wheel to drive success

Oh my! As I started 2023 and summarised 2022 I was thrilled to see that simple action, of checking my goals map once a month, had meant that I had MORE than achieved all I had intended – SUCCESS!

This one simple act, takes only a few minutes and gently directs your energy to achieve the things you most want to do and be.

SO simple and SO effective and SO successful – you still have time to make yours for this year, why not give it a go?
Please let me know your results!

This is YOUR life!
This is YOUR life!

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