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Our Queen died this month. This caused an immense outpouring of emotions , not only from the people of the British Isles, but much of the world. For 70 years she had been an icon of dedication, service and standards. Her death has caused massive change.

The Queen
For our Queen

I say ‘Our Queen’ because I remember her coronation, for most of my life she has been Queen. And although I never had the pleasure of meeting her, there was something about her manner that made me feel I had. She was a rock. Through difficult times she kept her head and made the best of the situation. She was an example of a life very well lived.

‘Suddenly’ we have a King and will need new coins and stamps and symbols on our letter boxes! My everydayness has not changed, but a root, a foundation, a cornerstone has.

For several days we were joined together in sharing grief. On our street we popped out to share a minute of silent remembrance for her life. And then came the funeral, the ritual, the celebration, the regal precision and dedication of the procession. The grandeur of Westminster Abbey, to the lone piper and her favourite horse and dogs all present.

Everyone can and needs to be a Change Maker

At The Change Maker Group we focus on making Change Makers. Everyone can and needs to be a Change Maker. The life-long skill of knowing about, understanding and having skills to manage change is integral to personal resilience, success and joy in life.

If you, your family or team need a little assistance with dealing with all the aspects of changes and problems, here is a link to a short booklet. ‘Dealing with problems and change’ is a fill-it-in booklet that guides you through how you may feel and possible practical things to do to make the best of any situation. It is at an introductory half price to help you in case you need it. Please be in touch if there is any other way I can assist.

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