World Wellbeing Week – nuggets from Chi

To celebrate World Wellbeing Week, Chi wanted to share some wellbeing nuggets.

Here is the one from today:

The negative push or positive pull of change

Here is the one for yesterday:

World Wellbeing Week 1
World Wellbeing Week – choosing free will or free won’t!

Chi Chat Insight… Pump up your resilience

How are you? And I really would like to know!
Are you feeling a bit better? A little less stressed?
Does the thought of the coming summer cheer you up? Are you planning a holiday? 
These things can help to pump up your feelings of resilience.

OR are you slipping deeper into despondency, tiredness and apathy and really need to pump up your resilience?

Need to pump up your resilience?
Need to pump up your resilience?

The simple 8-steps of Mind Chi, taking just 8-minutes a day do pump up your resilience.
If you are suffering the feelings of strain from stress, then this is a quick and easy was to begin to pump up your resilience. Here is a link to a quick video explaining how to do Mind Chi.

However, even if you are feeling on top of the world, it is so important to STILL pump up your resilience. Why? Because you never know when you may need to have a little extra ability to bounce back, when something unexpected may get you down.

It is the same as having some savings – it is a good feeling to know you have some reserves!

Chi and I are standing by to hear/see from YOU! So, how ARE you?

Chi & I look forward to seeing / hearing from YOU!!!

To book a 15 minute Mind Chi Chat with Vanda to explore how Mind Chi might assist you, your group, team or company build resilience and joy!

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