Chi Chat – Want a guaranteed way to achieve your goals?

It is the end of January… how are you doing with your New Year Resolutions?
Or did you not set any because you seldom keep them, so why bother?

Do you want a guaranteed way to achieve your goals? How about if I told you that I know a very simple way to achieve your personal and professional goals?
Further, that I have done this for the past (almost) 50 years, since I learned to mind map.

The steering wheel to success

Yes! It really does feel as though you have set your course and now all factors assist you to get there. Nowadays, my life is a bit more low key, however, this is exactly how I managed to run an international business, jet set all over the world, look after family and myself and enjoy a fully satisfying life. People would say, ‘How do you manage it all?’ This is my ‘secret!

Four easy steps to your success

  1. Mind map your professional, family and personal goals for the year
  2. Based on that, make four quarterly mind maps
  3. Put the year and current quarter maps where you see them every day
  4. At the end of EACH month, review the quarterly map and note your progress.

And that is it!! Don’t believe me? Then PLEASE do give it a go!

At the end of each year…

I love this time of the year!
I take down my yearly map and gather my 4 quarterly maps and look over them.
I give myself a happy, so/so or unhappy face for how I have done on each branch.
I usually also look through my calendars for any extra observations.
Then as I start to create my NEXT year’s mind map, I have one branch that is an observation of the previous year: what did I learn? Does anything need a drastic / small change? What were the greatest successes / any ‘failures’?

Now I can start to plan the coming year and the cycle starts again.

Please do let me know how this works for you!

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