50 Mind Chi Strategies for Your Increased Success in Business and Life

You can craft your own Mind Chi applied, please see chapter 2, or we have created 50 for you here!

Each one is 2-pages, on the left is your BEAT now and your goal BEAT, so you may feel the strategic tension and pull yourself towards your positive goal. Of course feel encouraged to change any words that do not fit for you.

Your BEAT is an acronym that stands for B = Body; E = Emotions; A = Actions and T = Thoughts. You can explore more about your BEAT and how crucial it is for your success on page 59.

On the right side, we have provided you with some new ideas and ways to move you towards your goal. You may reach some goals quickly, others you may be gently working on for a while.

Remember to check out ADOCTA (page 99) so you are guaranteed success!

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Here is a map of the 50 Mind Chi Strategies:

All planned out for you, in Part 3 of Mind Chi

Mind Chi 50 Strategies for Success
Mind Chi 50 Strategies for Success

Here is an example of your 2-page Mind Chi applied spread!
This is to assist you to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Conquering procrastination
Procrastinate – later!