Become a Mind Chi Mentor

Your e-program to become a Mind Chi Mentor

Thank you for your interest in Mind Chi!  As a Mind Chi Mentor:

  • You will be able to provide ‘wellness initiative’ sessions
  • You will assist companies overcome their area of greatest financial loss
    through the ravages of stress in the workplace
  • You can help any business person build their resilience and positively manage and
    direct their mental energy
  • You will be assisting to make a Good New Mind Chi Meme!
    (A meme is a thought or idea that passes from brain to brain.)
  • You will feel the benefits in your OWN life and then you will experience the Joy of seeing others develop and shine.

We have made it Mind Chi-easy to become a Mind Chi Mentor

Here are the 8 steps to become a Mind Chi Mentor:

  1. Yes, you WILL have to preach what you practise.
  2. Learn and DO the Mind Chi Basic 8 steps routine for 28 days.
  3. Read, study and answer the questions to the four sections of Mind Chi.
  4. Select an area of your specialisation or interest and write an article (500 words min)
    and have it published.
  5. Start your own Mind Ci Research Group of friends or family.
  6. Submit your details and a copy of your article for approval and to be posted on the Mind Chi web site.
  7. Pay your initial investment is £/$600.00.
  8. Start to make as much money as you are able from leading ‘Mind Chi Matters’ Sessions,
    selling books or promoting the authors.

Further years enrollment is £/$500.00 and another article or new Mind Chi Strategy for the web site.

You can become a Mind Chi Mentor anywhere in the world!

You can become a Mind Chi Mentor in the comfort of your own office / home.

You can become a Mind Chi Mentor in your own time, although we suggest you make a
completion date to work towards (2 – 4 months).

You can then add being a Mind Chi Mentor to your list of income earning skills and reap the benefits.

As an approved Mind Chi Mentor You may:

  • Choose how you present Mind Chi; from Key note speeches to 1 – 1 coaching and Mind Chi Matters ongoing sessions. Mind Chi will provide suggested plans for each type of presentation.
    There is no restriction on the numbers you may reach in a year.
  • Market your new Mind Chi product to your existing clients . Generate new business for yourself.  You will be able to receive referrals from the Mind Chi website.
  • You may price at your level of expertise; whether you currently make £/$400.00 or £/$4000.00 a day, you select your audience, pricing and comfort level.
  • Mind Chi only asks that EVERY person you teach Mind Chi ALSO receives the Mind Chi book. You may purchase these at discount and either sell them at the RRP or ‘provide’ them as a part of the session.