Mind Chi Book Contents

The Mind Chi Book is divided into four parts as follows:

Part 1 – Mind Chi Kick-off – has you up and running with the eight steps of the Mind Chi Basic program.

We introduce ‘Chi’, your Mind Chi Mentor and your Mind Chi BEAT to help you to gain immediate control of your thoughts. The Mind Chi Basic routine is explained in depth. The eight steps are completed in just eight minutes a day.

Part 2 – Mind Chi Action

As Mind Chi Maps are used throughout this book, we begin by explaining what ‘maps’ are and how they can be used. Part 2 shows you how to solve a problem or achieve a goal for your business and personal advancement. We explain the underlying process to you so you can either write your own Mind Chi Plan or use one of the 50 Strategies for Success included in Part 3.  You will find two worked examples, a business and personal strategy.

Part 3 – 50 Mind Chi Plans – Strategies for Success

The focus of Part 3 is on the practical challenges or goals faced on a daily basis by those in business. We have used our combined experience to concentrate on the topics of most common concern, these will also improve efficiency and profitability. The fifty Mind Chi strategies are grouped under the themes of: Goals; Management; Sales; Communication; Job-smarts; Training; Health and Self-concept. Here is a Mapplan of them:

Part 4 – Mind Chi Plus

Part 4 puts you at the wheel of your Mind Chi Vehicle and shows how it is engineered using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rational Living Therapy, Robert Fritz’s Structural Tension, Dr. Jeffery Schwartz’s 4 ‘R’ Method and the sterling work of several scientists and researchers on how to improve your memory. In the Mind Chi Assistance chapter we include techniques on how to expand your thinking and overcome limiting beliefs, re-invent yourself and increase your self-esteem. And finally, we impart the Mind Chi Meme for you to take for yourself and pass to others.

Mind Chi is a manual!
As such, it is quite a BIG book – 339 pages! You may wish to see ‘The FAST Way to Read Mind Chi’ so you may experience the Mind Chi benefits – FAST!