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Mind Chi Mentor-in-Training end-of-year Special Offer!

If you are interested in becoming a Mind Chi Mentor and we would like to offer an end-of-year, sign-up-now and be-ready-to-take-off-in-the-new-year incentive!  Pay a £100.00 deposit and complete the application form and values statement BEFORE 31st December 2010 and receive three special considerations and savings Continue reading

A super ‘stress-free’ opportunity!

Calling all people who live in German; Arabic; Polish; Indonesian; South Korean or Thai speaking countries – within the next few months Mind Chi will be published (or has already been) in YOUR country and language.

It would be wonderful to have potential Mind Chi Mentors who can be listed in the back of the book (if we are in time) as a marketing strategy to launch your Mind Chi Mentoring business. It would also be brilliant to have you check the correctness of the interpretation of the English version.

Please contact to launch your exciting new business expanding opportunity.
It is a double winner as you are able to keep yourself stress-free and build your resilience as well as assist others to do the same.