Direct your mental energy

Chi Chat – how to use your mental energy

You are probably very aware of your physical energy levels, but what about your mental energy? And even more importantly, how to use your mental energy.
I know many of you tell me that you are frequently feeling tired, listless, apathetic – that it is all just a bit too much of an effort. Nearly always concentrating on the physical outcomes.

However, what drives that is your mental energy!

Let me give you an example, that I am sure you have experienced:
You get home, ‘dead’ on your feet and think you can hardly move for the rest of the evening. But then, your phone rings and a very special friend you haven’t seen in ages, says he is in town with an unexpected gap, could you meet up? Well, you are up, showered, dressed and out of the door for a lovely evening of laughter and story sharing. What happened to ‘dead on your feet’?

Directing your mental energy

When you realise that lack of physical energy is largely lack of mental energy to do the task, you can then make a decision as to what you really want to do.

Give yourself a short transition break (we have shared the importance of transitions in other blogs) to let your mental energy, catch up and start to switch. Then focus on what you want to do next. One thing at a time.

What is truly amazing is that you actually have SO much more physical energy than you may have previously thought. Use your mental energy to direct and control your physical energy – and reap the benefits!

Please let us know how this works for you!

Chi and I are standing by to hear/see from YOU! So, where is your attention?

Chi & I look forward to seeing / hearing from YOU!!!

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