Where's your attention?

Chi Chat Insight – where’s your attention?

And so, where’s your attention? Right now?
With the media pummelling your brain cells with upsetting news much of the time, it is easy to allow your attention to be drawn in.

Where’s your attention?

However, please consider this. Where you focus your attention is where you place your energy. Constant worry, upset and negative thoughts deplete your energy.

Are you often feeling tired and apathetic?

One reason for this is that the constant focus of your attention on negative things, just pulls you and your energy down

So, don’t do it!!

If there is nothing that you can do about a situation, focus your attention of things you CAN do. Things that make you feel positive and happy. When your energy is here, then your whole world seems better.

Which do you choose?

YOU control where YOU place your attention – no one else!

Choose with care of you and your resilience!

Chi and I are standing by to hear/see from YOU! So, where is your attention?

Chi & I look forward to seeing / hearing from YOU!!!

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