How to make the world dyslexic & bran-friendly

Chi Chat – is your world dyslexic / brain-friendly?

As a business person would you take attention if 20% of your potential audience were confused and turned off by your product or service? I think so!

Have you considered what you could do to make the world – your part of it – a more dyslexic / brain-friendly place? This would invite and additional 20% of customers!

Here is the third part of the interview when I am asked about every day challenges for a dyslexic – are some of them the same for you as well?

What things make the world UN-friendly for you?

The interesting thing is that making a product or service more dyslexic friendly, is actually good for ALL brains!

Time to vote!

  1. Would you rather be presented with a report written in Times Roman, small font, light grey, nearly filling the page from side to side and top to bottom, OR
    2. an overview map of the report, followed by pages with images and diagrams and visual interest?

3. Same with a presentation, a drone on for 1 hour, reading and not even looking up,
4. a dynamic, involving, seeing, hearing and experiencing session, less than 45 minutes, with a overview, details and a summary?

I vote for: 1. ________ or 2. _______; 3. _______ or 4. _________ ???

And here is another example, true for EVERY brain, and increasingly confusing for a dyslexic one.

Examples: ‘Don’t walk on the grass’; NO left turn; NO running; ‘Don’t forget the…’
The negative statement is ubiquitous!
And you can’t do a don’t!!

Another example: Promise me you will NOT think about what I am about to mention…
Do NOT think of a blue hippopotamus in a pink ballet tutu!
And… what do you have in your head right now?? YES!
And if you coloured him pink, you know he really is blue!

Little things really mean a lot for ALL brains to function at their best.

Please let me know your dyslexic difficulties

How low will you go? 

Chi & I look forward to seeing / hearing from YOU!!!

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