Chi & I learn a new trick!

Chi Chat – Teach an ‘old’ dog new tricks!

Having just had yet another birthday, I want to encourage the changed quote of, ‘Teach an old dog new tricks’! May I say, I think you MUST teach and learn new ‘tricks’ all through life! This is true of new and old dogs!

Learning and change ARE life – that’s what you get! And if you welcome them as friends to help you adjust, manage, create, enJOY and thrive you are rich indeed.

An old dog with a new trick!!

So, what have YOU learned recently? As a starter for 10, I am learning Spanish, and so loving the challenge!

I am also learning to make mini-movies! And so here is one to go with this Chi Chat!

Chi & I would love to know what new tricks you are learning!
Chi and I are standing by on the ready to take your calls and emails!

Chi & I look forward to seeing / hearing from YOU!!!

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