Letting go of your branch

Chi Chat – to fly – let go of the branch!

Thinking you will, requires experiencing yourself as flying and the action of letting go of the branch.
And that is not always easy, however…

To fly, you must let go!

When ‘positive thinking’ first became popular many thought they just had to keep thinking what they wanted over and over; make a board full of pictures of it; look at the wish board frequently and only focus on what they desired as the outcome.

Have you ever done that? Did it work???

There are two parts to making it real

Part 1:
Yes, by all means do all those things, carry your desire uppermost in your mind and heart.
Part 2:
You need to DO something – take a decision; make an action; grab the reins and START!

In the case of flying – you MUST let go of the branch!

And that is scary, as much change often is. But to move forward it is what you must do.

Are YOU brave enough to let go of your ‘branch’?

Please let us know!!

Chi and I are standing by to hear/see from YOU!

Chi & I look forward to seeing / hearing from YOU!!!

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