Chi Chat – What? A dyslexic speed reader? YES! And here’s how…

You probably do not think of dyslexia and speed reading together.

However, in this interview, I share some really life changing facts.

Continuing the interview with Jazzy Olive and her super Falmouth University students, the second question was about the BENEFITS of being dyslexic – here I have a chance to say a few of what they are for me!

How a dyslexic person can be a speed reader.

So, is it possible for a dyslexic person to be a speed reader?
Well yes! Some years ago I was the 3rd fastest reader in the world speed reading competition. The way for anyone to read more efficiently (for business, study etc.) is to go fast through creating a frame. Using a guide and building to the level of comprehension you need.

For a dyslexic person it is imperrative!

Here is a link to the interview where I explain this and the other ADvantages.
One of the other advantages I really enjoy is having a brain that is fun to live in!
My brain is also very imagistic, so I can ‘see’ abstract concepts. A joke may be re-seen and re-enjoyed many times over. Bad images need to be quickly removed.

Mind maps and the dyslexic brain

Here is the secret key to how I function, at quite a busy, high powered level, by using Mind Maps. If it is information in, after I have sped read it, I map the frame and then add the detail I need to the appropriate branch.
If it is to organise anything, from writing a book to organising a 600 people conference, or what to say in a difficult conversation, or on a video presentation, I map it! Job done in very little time.

Please do explore all the ABitities you DO possess.

Please let me know your dyslexic ABitities!

How low will you go? 

Chi & I look forward to seeing / hearing from YOU!!!

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