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More on the brain, plasticity and what I think Mind Chi is

Welcome back to my exploration of my Mind Chi journey so far…………

Last time I ended on the fact that we can literally program our brain by rewiring it. Chi Time with Jill – Sharing all things Chi and resilience! ( Changing our thought patterns is tangibly reflected in changes of habit.

Wow – How amazing is that? Imagine the advert:

You can’t live without this new gadget. It goes everywhere with you for the whole of your life. You can call upon it at a moment’s notice. It can do anything you teach it to. You can learn, grow and change to achieve anything you want through it….. and its FREE!

Who wouldn’t want one?!!!

Discovering the Brain

I can’t quite recall when my ‘aha’ moment was, except that it was a long time ago! It had an immediate profound effect on me. It helped me understand why I used techniques that I was automatically doing e.g. affirmations, positive outlook etc.

Yes, the brain does come with a health warning as it can actually do the opposite to what you want if not programmed in the best way – just like any computer!

My discovery therefore not so much changed, but reinforced my faith and belief in the brain by using my mind as a force for good. A force for good to transform my behaviour, either to get through challenging moments or as a source of inspiration for living the life I choose. Attracting the elements I need or wish to have to enable that.

Why ‘plasticity’ is important?

Plasticity is important because Mind Chi uses the fact that the brain is so malleable. We can literally rewire our brain through our patterns of thought. This can be negative if thoughts are primarily anxious, worry, hopeless etc. (This is the health warning a referred to above !)

We have some 50,000 thoughts per day and 70% of those are negative!

I recognised small habits I had unconsciously developed such as worrying if a presentation would go well, or that I would forget what I wanted to say etc..

Knowing, at the same time that a small amount of ‘stress’ in certain circumstances is totally natural and can be a huge energiser. We live with common ‘stressors’ day in, day out. It is however when we become overwhelmed by something that we can become stuck in a certain way of being as a default.

On the positive side, we want the brain as an unlimited source of inspiration through positive and uplifting thought patterns. Whatever we think more of we become.

Using Mind Chi, we can literally unstick our unhelpful thoughts, and habits and replace with ones that serve us well.

When Vanda asked me to briefly explain what I think Mind Chi is, I had no hesitation in answering:

Mind Chi helps to use our brain to help rather than hinder us.

Mind Chi builds, manages and directs mental energy for increased resilience, performance, motivation and happiness, through practicing control over our thoughts, emotions and actions

Consider what you unconsciously spend 8 minutes a day on – perhaps social media, procrastinating, worrying, listening to bad news, talking about bad news, researching best ‘smart apps’ etc, etc.

What if YOU reinvested one of those 8 minute unhelpful distractions to a Chi Time re-set?

Here is a previous article I wrote on the subject New FREE ‘smart app’ for everyone – The Change Maker Group

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