Colour me Resilient

Which of these four colours would you choose?
If I also linked these words to the colours as a predominant temperament, would you still be happy with your colour choice?
Red = Focused;    Green = Supportive;   Blue = Analytical and Yellow = Expressive

If you really feel that the word does not suit you, pick the colour matching the word you think best describes your every-day temperament.

Next, take this Mind Chi Resilience Questionnaire

This highlights some areas where Resilience can be warn down (if you answered ‘YES!’ to questions 1 through 6 and Resilience can be built UP if you answered ‘YES!’ to questions 7 through 12.

Mind Chi is now conducting an impacting 1 hour session called ‘Colour me Resilient’ filled with 8 easily do-able and practical Resilience Strategies. Mentoring and sessions available by contacting