Help your teen develop resilience

How to help your teen develop resilience

Teenage can be a difficult time for parents and your teen.

How to best help them to help themselves?
And here is one answer. Michael Tipper, author of ‘The unfair student advantage’ interviews Vanda North to glean ways your teen can integrate simple and effective ways to build their self confidence and manage all those stressful exams and relationships and discovering their place in this world.

One solution to help teen stress.

This video, packed with ideas and easy suggestions for resilience building, called ‘How to help your teen develop resilience’ may be downloaded here.

Your 2nd pulse

Your 2nd pulse – purpose power

Your 2nd Pulse

Everything you need and want to know about renewing, refreshing, remembering or recreating your purpose on this planet. Your reward is energy, joy, resilience and motivation – well worthwhile!