Fallen off your ‘New Year Resolution’?

Vanda North

‘Lose weight’ is usually on the top of the resolution list, especially as it will be no time before you will need to be bearing your body on the beaches (or escaping to a warm and sunny place). You sigh; you have been here so many times before.  Your weight story is a rollercoaster ride and your wardrobe shows this as well.

This year – 2010  (mark it in your diary) is different!

This year you have discovered Mind Chi.

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This year you have the opportunity to make a life change for the better and save yourself from wasting all that time and money with futile actions.

Introducing Mind Chi – this is an 8 minute a day program that can give you the reins of self control; allowing you to overcome problem areas or achieve goals for greater overall success and fulfilment in business and life.

Your Mind Chi Basic 8 minute program takes 28 days to create the cornerstone of your New You, after this you can advance to Mind Chi in Action where you address a specific topic or issue, such as ‘Achieving Your Perfect Size.

Mind Chi in Action

Mind Chi Goal – To be my perfect size

Mind Chi Meme – ‘I choose to be my perfect size’ or ‘I choose my size’

Please note that we very carefully did NOT call this strategy ‘Become Slimmer’ or ‘Lose Weight’ because those may have an unfortunate end result of anorexia, where does ‘Lose weight’ end? That is not what you (or we) want.

Numerous things can affect your ‘perfect’ size. It does not stay constant throughout your life. Only a very small proportion of people are overweight because of disease or the side-effects of medicines. Recent research (although this science is still very young) has NOT been able to prove a ‘fat gene’ only that the reason people are overweight is because of their lifestyle.

There are only three factors to consider:

  1. What you put into your body;
  2. What you do with your body and
  3. Your Mind Chi direction.

Let’s look at each of those.

1.   What you put into your body

Develop ‘delayed gratification’. If you keep busy, or do something physical, you will often find that your ‘hunger’ disappears!

  • Help yourself by using a small plate (especially at ‘all you can eat’ restaurants!).  A simple rule is eat 20 per cent less for every 20s of your life – as long as you are maintaining the original level of activity.

2.   What you do with your body

  • Just as longer car journeys use more petrol, so too the more active you are, the more calories you burn. If you want to eat that doughnut, you must walk fast for 1 hour to burn it off! (Now THAT may make you think twice!)
  • The ONLY way to lose weight is to burn MORE calories than you eat. That is it!

3.   Your Mind Chi direction

  • Your motivation to overeat is complex, as ‘hunger’ is often a ruse feeling for missing love, attention, satisfaction or confidence. The ‘hunger’ is momentarily satiated by food, (drugs, nicotine or alcohol) but the subsequent ‘low’ afterwards, requires you to crave MORE the next time. That causes a very negative downward spiral. Becoming aware of what is really happening is already a big step in the right direction.
  • It is very important that you use moderation and still enjoy life! So if it is your birthday, have that piece of cake and plan to run a bit further the following evening. Keep flexible and at the same time, steadfast in your direction.

Please note:

  1. This will be a habit that you will want to review to make permanent.
  2. You are changing your whole lifestyle and many traps wait to pull you back. You may wish to do another 28 days or certainly to hit the ‘spaced repetition’ reminders.
  3. If you have achieved your goal of your perfect size, then have a celebration, take a good friend as you go to purchase your new outfit.
  4. ‘Achieving your Perfect Size’ is one of the more difficult of the strategies. You may have been on a diet ‘rollercoaster’ for years. The difference with Mind Chi is that it provides you with brain-friendly tools to succeed. You logically understand that what you put in must be burned off and you have the mental constructs (with the aid of your ‘Chi’) to shift your thinking and way of being. Be gentle with yourself, but as long as the goal remains the same, keep working and you WILL achieve.
  5. When (notice the use of ‘when’ not ‘if’) you have achieved this strategy, you will know that you have the volition to succeed and that you can achieve any goal you wish. This is one of the best feelings you can experience.

Knowing you can trust your volition to serve you well is a heady experience.

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