How to give your teen an Unfair Student Advantage – the step by step guide to stress free study success by Michael Tipper

The complete Unfair Student Advantage

Student & Parent Mind Chi Resources

In the interview with author, Michael Tipper and Mind Chi creator, Vanda North, on

‘The unfair student advantage’ many resources are mentioned.

Here are downloadable copies of the pages discussed and shown.

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With ‘The unfair student advantage’, Michael’s focus is to provide the key elements of learning HOW to learn, so the WHAT may be slotted in. Also, managing the strain from stress and building resilience is another crucial skill for students.

The suggestions are practical and easily useable. By preventing the strain from stress from building up you are building your teen’s resilience and allowing your teen to be the best student possible.

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Summary of 8-step Mind Chi routine
Summary of 8-step Mind Chi routine
suckers and boosters
Suckers and boosters
The Unfair Student Advantage
The Unfair Student Advantage

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