Meet Chi

Hi! My name is Chi
Who am I?  I’m that voice that chats away inside your head, know the one?
Sometimes I give you good advice and other times I may try to lead you astray (that is if you haven’t coached me properly!)

Here are more things that I CAN do for you:

I wear many hats!

  • make you aware of your gut – intuitive feelings
  • provide you choice with your free will (& ‘free won’t’!)
  • increase your awareness of your ‘automatic’ responses
  • remind you of  your power to choose in the now
  • play the meme that aids you
  • be available 24 / 7 – I am ALWAYS there for you
  • assist you to act for your own best interest
  • be your BEST Chi-eer (cheer) leader!
    (Sorry, I also have a corny sense of humour!)

I can be your  ‘secret’  helper, your built-in guide to assist you with your Mind Chi.
Even more (not wishing to sound too big headed) actually I am crucial to your overall wellbeing and success in life.

Shall we have some Chi-Chats?!
Would you like someone to listen to you and share your burdens?
Do you feel no-one cares or has the time to want to help?
Have you bottled up your frustrations and worries?

Sign up for Chi-Chats with me and send me your question by email:
I am waiting to share a Chi-ear!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of me in action: