Mind Chi Mentors

If you have read the book, or discovered Mind Chi in a live session or from the You Tubes and it struck a real chord with you, then you may wish to explore becoming a Mind Chi Mentor.

The criteria for becoming a Mind Chi Mentor:

The first criteria and one of the most important is that you are congruent!
This requires that you have actually performed Mind Chi every day for (preferably) a few months. You need to really have it as an ingrained habit, like brushing your teeth! During this time, you will probably have had several questions and had to overcome some organisation issues. This will prepare you to truthfully answer the question, ‘So, do YOU do Mind Chi every day?’ and to understand and support others as they begin their Mind Chi journey.

Mind Chi Book
Mind Chi Book – e-copy or paper copy

There are 4 steps to becoming a Mind Chi Mentor:

Step 1 – Mind Chi Registration

This is where you complete the registration form; the Mind Chi Mentor Values Agreement and send the payment.

Step 2 – Explore the Mind Chi information

This requires that you read the 4 parts of the Mind Chi book and answer 100 questions. Some of these are to make sure that you have read and understood the material, and also to explore your personal understanding and application of the concepts.

Step 3 – Application of the Mind Chi information

This step has two aspects:
a) starting a trial session with some friends, so you may experience in a safe way, how to present the Mind Chi material. You make sure that you can answer their questions, basically that you gain comfort and familiarity with the information.
b) write a blog of 300 – 500 words that applies Mind Chi to an area of your expertise, or a story of your own or someone who attended your Mind Chi sessions (with their permission).

Step 4 – Become a Mind Chi Mentor!

When you have completed all 4 steps, then we will be delighted to welcome you as a Mind Chi Mentor and send you a certificate and put your information on the Mind Chi web site, if you wish.

This is quite and easy process. We suggest that you take a few months to complete them, so they become almost second nature to you. All steps can be performed remotely, meaning you can do it where you are and in your own time. Experienced Master Mind Chi Mentors will be available to answer your questions and support you as you need via a remote technologies.

Chi will help you to care for you
Chi and I welcome you!

Chi & I hope that you may wish to share Mind Chi and help many others to build their resilience.

Vanda North

Vanda is going to add some detail about herself here shortly.

Jill Whittington

Meet Jill Whittington!

Chi and I are delighted to welcome Jill Whittington as a new Mind Chi Mentor.

Jill and I also work together in The Change Maker Group. It was here that Jill first came across Mind Chi as a part of the ‘Resilience for Change’ programme that we offer. She decided this was exactly what she was looking for, and it fitted into her excellent background and experience perfectly!

So she completed the Mind Chi Mentor training and has been a whirlwind of activity since then! She has already shared Mind Chi with the NHS; MOD; and in private businesses.

Jill’s purpose: 

I empower individuals and teams with simple effective solutions to enable resilience to become a way of life to thrive not merely survive.

Meet Jill:

Having had more than 35 years’ experience of supporting change leadership and delivery in the private and public sector (most recently within the NHS), I decided to focus on my passion for resilience. This was a meeting of minds when I met the wonderful Vanda North! 

The foundations for my career were grounded in being Crosby TQM trained. This enabled me to become highly respected for my project and programme management expertise across a wide range of large corporates, SMEs and small businesses and includes setting up several PMOs and support mechanisms to help people thrive.  

I was also a previously practicing ISO 9001 auditor, and European Business Excellence Assessor. I was invited to speak at many public seminars on change management including for the DTI and the EFQM in Brussels.

In short, I have a wide, extensive, and grounded experience in all business disciplines at all levels about which I could go into much more detail. However the element, from the very start of my career, that made me come truly alive was that of enabling individuals to be the very best they can be. This is the essence of ANY successful business or indeed for life itself.  

Jill’s passion:

My passion is to support individuals, teams, and companies to create permanent positive change resulting in transformation in work and personal life in ways never imagined.  

What I do today and who I am today is informed by my experience, observations and learning from life. We all continually wear several hats in and out of work. Essentially however we are one human being continually balancing and juggling our different roles.

My main observation is that stress in the workplace or, in life in general, is just as prevalent as it ever has been. In fact, in some ways, I believe it is even worse now, exacerbated by the events of the last two years. The other things I believe have also not changed are:

  • People generally wait until they are in crisis to seek support or techniques for looking after themselves
  • The general plea I hear is ‘I just don’t have time to practice things which may help me’
  • Many individuals have so much unfulfilled potential.

Jill’s fundamental beliefs are:

  • Work life harmony is crucial
  • We as individuals are solely responsible for our overall wellbeing and can make active choices about what we do and don’t do
  • Wellbeing is a mix of physical, mental, emotional and belief systems, and if any element is out of balance the others suffer
  • Sustainable transformation in any organisation or team starts with the individual.

Change can be challenging but need not become overwhelming.  

This is why I am so passionate about personal responsibility for resilience, to thrive not just survive.

Chi and Me!

Mind Chi resonated so powerfully with me. It is everything I have ever believed, practiced, and coached about resilience and wellbeing and addresses our time poor reality.

8 minutes a day is all that it takes – magic!  

What I do:

I provide 1:1, group, and team coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation.


Accredited in Mind Chi and ‘Colour Me Resilient’

  • To embed resilience as a way of life and help not just to address stress but to learn how to face challenges and prevent burnout.

Accredited as a GCologist

  • To help individuals and teams understand their unique business and change impact and how to bring out everyone’s innate skills. No other profile can better align people, process and outcomes

My 30 + years’ experience

  • Where there is probably no element of change or business improvement that I have not come across!

Finally, in homage to my initial TQM grounding, sustainable change takes place when collective behaviours, attitudes and actions change in harmony. This results in tangible personal and business outcomes. It is a ‘Way of Life’

This is what they say about Jill:

Jill Whittington – Mind Chi Mentor

…. Senior Commissioning Manager NHS Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon, and Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group: …. “Working on Mind Chi with Jill has given me the techniques I can use in all aspects of life to reduce stress and increase my personal resilience, and I am excited to try out these techniques in various areas of my life. Jill has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected with me. I can’t speak highly enough about Jill and this course….”

…. Former Head of Programme at Wiltshire Police: … “Jill knows intuitively what needs to be done to achieve sustainable change. Most importantly, she knows HOW to do it! She applies her extensive skills and experience in a way that brings out the best in teams and individuals. Jill’s M.O. is firmly rooted in integrity and her care, commitment and wisdom challenged and changed many people’s thinking bring about some impressive results….”

Small Business CEO … “Jill is recognised as a professional in all that she does, both in terms of her behaviour and capability to deliver. She can listen, show empathy, and offer support at the right time and in a way that is appropriate for the situation. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity………”

Nicky Carew

Chi and I have the pleasure of welcoming Nicky Carew as our newest Mind Chi Mentor!

Like Jill, Nicky has thrown herself into sharing Mind Chi. She has helped other coaches to not only be resilient, but to know how to help others when their resilience is low – brilliant, and received much appreciation.
Here is all about Nicky:

Nicky’s purpose:

I want people to feel like the best they can be.  That means helping them to see how amazing they really are and to be more resilient.

Meet Nicky:

During a successful career in PR and marketing I was struck by how many people I met – who were extraordinary and talented and many of whom were often unrecognised.  I too had to learn to be recognised.  I then worked in outplacement and created what was the most successful career coaching programme at that time.  

I retrained with an MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business School.  That was a seminal moment for my growth.  I was the first person to fail their first year in the Masters!  The feedback was there was no sense of me in my work.  This was a terrible blow and rocked my confidence.  I worked hard to get back on the programme and eventually wrote my thesis on Self-disclosure – which was not only the top scoring of our year but was published in a coaching text in a shorter version.  I look back at that time and realise how much I learnt from that experience and the time I took to explore it in the thesis.

For the past 25 years I have been helping people thrive in their organisations.  This is still a passion of mine because it is often in their working lives that people should be at their most confident but the pressured working environment can knock us.  To complement this, I work with The Change Maker Group where we also help the organisations become more focused on supporting their people to be the best they can.  A win-win for both of course!

Now, as a Mind Chi Mentor, I have the opportunity to support people in the part of their lives they want to feel great and achieve in.  

I first felt the power of Mind Chi when I asked Vanda North if it would help me conquer my fear of flying.  Over a few weeks she supported me in using Mind Chi to reset my brain.  I was so bad once I dug my nails into my partner on a simulator ride firmly fixed to the ground! “I choose to fly without fear” became my Mind Chi focus.  

Using the Mind Chi Applied discipline I now don’t dread flying and am not in a state of high alert panic!  I am not saying that I have come to love it but it doesn’t hold me back.  And Mind Chi is still important for me to focus my mind when I choose to fly.

Now when I work with people I am often truly moved by what they achieve for themselves.

Nicky’s passion

It’s simple, and something I share with all of us at Mind Chi central!  I want people to be the best they can be and to free themselves from all the self-limiting stories we allow ourselves to believe.  

Nicky’s fundamental beliefs

We can all be change makers in our world, just a little at a time and that would make a world of difference.

What I do

I work with individuals or groups for Mind Chi mentoring, 1:1 coaching or team coaching and help people see how they can and do thrive in change.


…By integrating all my experience working with people over the last 30 years, with the skills of Mind Chi accreditation, a coaching MSc and the most impactful profiling tool, The Change Maker Profile.  Then I dust this off with a boundless curiosity about people’s journeys.  

Nicky Carew – Mind Chi Mentor

What they say about Nicky

…from Head of OD at NHS Foundation Trust: Nicky – thanks so much, a really insightful and thought provoking session!

…from Director of Research Council: “… we are now in a very much better place than we were and this is in no small part thanks to you and your team”.

… from Director of newly created division “Good questioning to open up the real issues that can lurk below the surface.  This never felt heavy handed, and I felt like I reached the conclusion myself.  A bit like peeling an onion and discovering the new layers of meaning.”

…from individuals 

There was a really nice balance between reaching the conclusion yourself, and being guided and prompted to the right answers.  A bit like walking with the occasional nudge forward – the hand in the small of the back.”

“A strong sense of stepping out of the day to day.   We spent a good amount of time around the issues raised, and I left each session feeling this was valuable introspection and time out”.