Meet The Authors

The unique Mind Chi concept  is developed by Vanda North and Richard Israel, who are the authors.

Vanda North

Vanda travels the world via zoom, and in person, sharing practical processes that assist people of all ages make their lives work better and increase their joy.

Vanda North

Vanda is excited to be able to share resilience strategies to manage all the changes that life provides us. She does this via blogs, articles, and YouTubes, you may contact her at

Currently, Vanda is one of the founders of The Change Maker Group, working towards leaving a legacy of resilient Change Makers in any group or organisation. Contact us at: 

Previously she was past president of the International Society for Accelerated Learning & Teaching and founded the Buzan Centres Worldwide. For twenty years she promoted methods to improve people’s mental functioning. Skills included: Learning to Learn, information management; creativity and mapping skills. This was achieved through a network of licensed instructors, teaching mental literacy skills to over 100,000 people worldwide.

Vanda has written several books on wellbeing; building resilience; management strategies; motivation and effective brain use. She is a sought-after consultant by numerous leading international firms including: IBM, Boeing, CLSA, Oracle, Wellcome Trust, Fidelity Investments, SC Johnsons, educational institutions and governments in many countries.

Vanda is currently based in Dorset in the UK.  For a full c.v. please click here.  You can contact Vanda by email on Vanda@TheChange

richard north

Sadly, my dear long time friend and co-author, died in 2018. He lives on in so many ways. I cherish the time we shared and the memories we created.

Richard Israel was a consultant, international speaker, trainer and author. He co-wrote the international bestseller, Brain$ell with Tony Buzan.  He had forty years of sales and marketing experience and international expertise in sales training, leadership and mental literacy.

Richard was a pioneer in the field of creating “brain capital”. His work has resulted in multiplying the intellectual capital and promoting optimal performance among dozens of forward-thinking companies around the world.

More than 1.5 million people across four continents have been trained with his innovative material. He has consulted with companies in the retail, hospitality, airline, manufacturing and service industries, coaching them to achieve increased sales and productivity.

Has spoken at over 150 global business and training conferences and made numerous TV appearances worldwide.  With eight published business books, his work has been reviewed internationally.

Discover How Mind Chi came to be! More here:

Here is a video of the authors Vanda North and Richard Israel explaining ‘Mind Chi’