It all began in 1970!

That was when ‘stress’ was first named and came of age! Vanda taught some of the first ‘stress management’ courses and was intrigued by the fact that some people, although scoring as very highly stressed, managed to flourish.  How did those people managed to do that? Discovering the strategies and attitudes they employed was what she has researched, tested and shared for the past 42 years.  It is her quest to build the resilience of all people, the most recent outcome of which is the writing of Mind Chi, training Mind Chi Mentors and now the creation of the Mind Chi Franchise.

Vanda’s Dad was an architect, so she grew up with discussion of stress and the strain it caused on different materials! If this much weight is on that material, can it take the strain? This is equally an accurate description of the strain some people show from life’s stress!

If you are alive you are always under stress!
So the real question is ‘Can you take the stress without showing the strain?’ (Or without the strain having a lasting negative effect.) In otherwise, be resilient? That is what Mind Chi is all about; giving you the coping skills to build your resilience, regardless of the stress you may be under.

The photo is of Vanda in 1971 (under her married name Vanda Williamson) being interviewed on the course she had created called ‘Happiness and Wellness’. Yes, this was 1971! This course became very popular and had a lasting, positive impact for so many. It also grew into a TV show, especially requested at holiday times. The concept was, AND STILL IS, that just managing stress is not enough – the goal is to live a full, joyous and rewarding life.