Manage stress, build resilience and improve family/customer relationships – around the world

Mind Chi and Vanda are a’comin’ round the world!  

During March and April 2013, Mind Chi and Vanda will be encompassing out planet – providing ways to manage the strain of life’s stresses and increase energy, resilience and even joy! So far USA, Taipei, Hong Kong and Mumbai have indicated interest, if you would like to add a country or a presentation in one of these countries, please just email me at to discover the proposed route for the Mind Chi round the world tour.

If you are interested in having Vanda present: please see the Mind Chi Map of suggestionsLess Stress & More Resilience for YOU! - map Vanda’s April world tour Less Stress & More Resilience for YOU! of how this may work, please consider this the start of a discussion  Vanda is open to inventive and creative solutions. Mostly she wants to lead the charge of building resilience and joy in peoples lives.

Here also is a possible flier,Vanda’s world tour 2013 where you could add your local details to advertise  meetings.

There are many ways you might be involved: Mind Chi and resilience building might be a book signing; a coffee morning; a corporate lunch session; a local gym presentation; a ladies club talk; a Kiwanis, Rotary or Lions meeting presentation; a conference presentation; or any interested group. Vanda loves to respond to newspaper interviews or radio and TV shows. Billed as the ‘Only Resilient Woman Warrior’ she is armed and ready to peacefully make the world a better place.