Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – and B – R – E – A – T – H- E!!

Is it the right time to do the ‘washing up’?

In business, after a project is over, and BEFORE you rush on to the next one, it is very wise to have a ‘wash up’ session. Let’s look at how this could apply to you and your ‘holiday management’ project!

But first, BREATHE!

Yes, do your square belly breath – breath IN for a count of 3 seconds; HOLD for 3 seconds; breathe OUT for 3 seconds and WAIT for 3 seconds before beginning the square again. Please do this 5 times (that is just one minute of your life).

In that 1 minute what you have done is to send a message to your automatic stress response that it can stand down, oxygen and relaxation are on their way and YOU are holding the reins of control over YOU!

Have a sit and think time!
Do the ‘washing up’!

Washing up is not hot soapy water and a pile of dirty dishes, but a clean up, reorganise and sort out after the party / meal / project / holiday craziness is over.

Take a piece of paper, pen, a nice beverage and sit down to start to fill in two columns:

Begin these lists, and then chat with some family or friends that were involved, what did they like best? What might they like for next year? Leave the list about for a couple of days and add to it as another item comes to mind.

Then, look over the 72 Mind Chi Holiday Happinesses – are there any possible suggestions for you for next year? Highlight the things you definitely want to do again next year and look for coping strategies for what could have been better.

Finally, write these actions for November 2022 (if appropriate) in your diary so you have an easy reminder. Smile, job done and now you can get on with preparing for a New Year.

A suggestion for the ‘great dip’!

During this ‘in between time’ of holidays over and waiting for the New Year celebration why not use it as a ‘machines OFF’ time? Give yourself a well earned break. Talk to your family and friends; hug a tree; bake something; do a crossword or jigsaw; take out your hobby; sort your photos – just PLAY! Relax, rest and refuel after your busy year.

You deserve it!

Take care of YOU!
Take care of YOU!

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