Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – are you resilient for December?

Yes, it is that time of year again – are you resilient for December?

On top of the Omicron variant, there are already so many changes afoot at this time of year:

  • there is the weather!
  • are you having to return to being in the office?
  • how are you managing with all the gift buying?
  • what about your fitness?
  • what are your thoughts about your level of social interaction?
  • how are your finances holding up?
  • do you need to plan for guests and meals?
  • have you considered balancing your food and drink intake?
  • are there many ‘I should…’ and ‘I aught…’ and ‘I must…’?
  • do you want everything to be perfect?

All of these aspects and changes can take its toll on your resilience.

You can have December resilience and happiness – and here is how!

            1.         STOP – yes, just STOP and think things through for a minute.
Look at the BIG picture, what REALLY matters? And turn stuff OFF!
            2.         Say ‘NO!’ – but ever so nicely! Take CONTROL, act not RE-Act
            3.         ‘Just cos’ is no reason – Question – ASK WHY – why do I do this?
Is it what I really want?
            4.         PUSH BACK – against all the commercial/historic pressures. 
                        Every day just lean into time and take a bit for yourself
            5.         Remember YOUR ATTITUDE is the only thing you can change. 
                        Check that your attitude is helping you, be realistically positive.
YOU are in control.

And four more ways to boost your December resilience:

            6.         Start to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN – just 8 minutes a day with Mind Chi.
                        Learn the simple 8 step/minute routine of Mind Chi.
            7.         BREATHE – if you feel stressed, breathe several deep full breaths, 
                        grab your reins of control.
            8.         Concentrate on your GRATITUDE attitude – brings peace & energy. 
                        Take a minute to think of all the good things in your life.
And to give you a bonus we another way to thrive…
            9.         You have immense POWER, so keep it and use it!
                        It is your POWER – don’t give it away to the media and others.

Are you ready for December?

We have 8 (+1) great ideas to share with you over the next 3 weeks to send you off with a big smile on your faces!

Most importantly is that all of these actions will boost your resilience and that helps to make you more immune to all those bugs that are about now.

Here is a link to the first three Holiday Horror topics, the:
1. Costs
2. Food and
3. Relationships.

Just a few steps of considered control over you and your responses, can make a BIG difference to the outcomes you experience.

Mind Chi happy holiday preparations!

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