Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – ‘be prepared’!

What feelings does the word ‘prepare’ elicit in you?

Is it excitement, trepidation, thoughts of much work, or happy anticipation?

As I focus on change, resilience and joy, I look for ways to share practical, constructive and positive actions and thoughts to assist you get through life easier, more efficiently and with well oiled wheels!

Prepare your DOing and BEing

For example, preparation means something imminent is coming.

You may wish to consider two aspects:
1. The stuff you must DO and
2. How you want to BE for optimal performance.

  1. Whether it is personal or professional planning all the things to do, and making the time to do them, graciously is imperative. This is where your ‘ToDo’ lists and maps, WITH time lines are crucial. ‘Make you plan and plan your work’ – good advice!
  2. And to the bit you may not do… how would you like to BE to be able to be the best you can be for what is upcoming?
    Run through the ideal emotions for the occasion, is it: attentive, flexible, open, caring or maybe: relaxed, playful, mischievous? Select your chosen emotions and rehearse them! Yes! Every time that voice in your head starts to play the ‘awfulness’ scenario, thank it and play LOUDER your preferred emotions.

Use ‘preparing’ energy!

Have you considered that every action has a special energy?

Preparing energy might be a long, slow build up, like Ravel’s Bolero, or a full on, must do now requirement.

Therefore, become more aware of it, next time you need to prepare for something.
Look for the positive expectancy you can build.
In conclusion, consider all the steps necessary for your DOing and your BEing – enjoy this process as a complete activity. What actually HAPPENS is, as yet, unknown, however, you have done all you can to be ready!

Please let me know how you are applying your preparation energy!

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