Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – denouement

Stage three! You have prepared, and been present by the doing and your being, and now it is the aftermath, the denouement, pulling the strings together.

WARNING! Do NOT rush this stage!

It is so easy, once something is over, to leap rapidly into the next thing / action / person / place. They are all waiting in the wings to leap on stage and push off the previous act.

Tell them to kindly wait please! Conduct a brief review. Look back over the past chunk of time, consider all that happened.

Ask some questions!

What was wonderful? What may have been a bit better? What did you learn from it? What might you do differently if you have to do something similar again? Did you achieve what you set out to do? If others were involved, do they think you achieved your goals? Were your chosen emotions the correct ones? How did you manage your energy? Did you feel any ‘sucker’ or ‘booster’ moments? (Moments when you feel your energy being drained, or replenished?)

Pull all the strings of the story together

Review your experience as a story and now it is the denouement. All the threads need to come together to complete that piece.

Pulling out the lessons from the denouement

What if it didn’t go so well? It is very important to think, that regardless of what the outcome was, you didn’t go in to it planning to mess up! So if circumstances beyond your control happened, all you can do is make the most of it. Control you in the now!

And if it did go well – relish that! Really enjoy the glow of a job well done and all is good.
After that, are there any lessons that may assist you to be even better in the future?
Make a note of them, so you are ready for your next adventure.

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