Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – have – not – have!

Is it that with many things that you have, you take them for granted?

Then, if suddenly they are removed, you really value and miss them?

And, if, after a while they are returned, you appreciate them greatly?!

If you are wondering what I am speaking about, here are some examples:

  • you normally have good health and then catch a cold and feel awful, and then your ‘normal’ good health returns?
  • you used to ‘have’ to be in the office, then covid changed that, now, would you like to be back?
  • take for granted that you could pop out and see someone any time, and then couldn’t, and now can again – do you still want to?
  • meaning to tell some one how much you value/love them, but you don’t and then can’t?
  • your hearing / site and for some reason is temporarily not function so well?
  • had a tooth and then loose it, is the gap good for whistling?!

Have – not – have?

The reason for all this, is to raise your awareness of all you DO have, and maybe increase, share, speak about how much you appreciate it – WHILST YOU STILL HAVE IT!

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