Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – Mindfully

Last Monday I looked at preparation energy, and this Monday it is the actual doingness.

You have prepared, and now the day has come. As important as the things you have done is consideration of how you wish to be during the event. Consider the emotional bouquet you wish to show.

Have you ever been so wrapped up in the doing, that you forgot to actually enJOY yourself? I have heard people say, ‘It went by in a whirl, I hardly remember it!’.

The solution is to select how you wish to BE before the event and then be mindful during the event.

What is being ‘mindful’?

It is just being present. It is being in the now. It is using all your senses to really lap up all that is happening.

Multi-sensorially aware of your surroundings and you!

This is the Blue Danube I enjoyed yesterday! Hearing the water splash past; feeling the sun and soft breeze on my face; smelling the Wiener Schnitzel being cooked; having a feeling of ready to eat… I immersed myself in the experience. Totally being in each moment.

How about mindful eating? Savour each mouthful, textures and tastes.
Mindful walking? Even from one office or room to another, be aware of your steps and journey.

And most important, is to be aware of the special people in your life. Look at them. Listen to them. Be there for them. Really give them your full attention.

The benefits of being mindful are great. Instead of life just slipping by, you grab the richness of even the ‘ordinary’ moments. Your appreciation of ‘simple’ things is increased. And you find an abundance of things for which to be grateful every day.

Scientists are discovering a positive connection between feeling grateful and your resilience. What a lovely way to build your resilience and combat any negative stresses.

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