Marvelous Mind Chi Sunday!! Map your 2022

Yes! Sunday!! That is so you have TWO (3?!) wonderful days to play with this!

The ‘between’ time, this lovely gap is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past year and plan the next. That is what I have been doing, more on that another time.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share some possible map topics for your consideration:

4 map planning themes
4 map planning themes

Please feel free to mix and match as suits you! Also, I added an ‘OBSERVE’ branch to my map, as I wanted to include my observations on 2021.

You can, of course, go by the month or quarter, chronologically.
Or you could use the basic life sections: Mental; Emotional; Physical; Financial; Social; Spiritual.
Or any other way you wish to look at your life.

Please tell us what main branches you chose…

Even considering what your main branches will be is a beautifully clarifying activity – one of the joys of using a map.

I am not going to write much now as I want to get this out to you so you may craft your most magnificent 2022.
It comes with my best wishes for the most joyous, fulfilling, heart warming and safe year ahead.

Happiest, most joy filled 2022!

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Here is a short cartoon about ‘Resilience for Change’

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