How Mind Chi came to be!

Why we wrote Mind Chi

Richard and I had just returned from world tours and were sharing our experiences of the trips.  The aspect that had most impressed and distressed us both was the dramatic increase in the severity of workplace stress. The combination of the 2000’s continuing frenetic work pace, the ‘24/7’ expectations and the demand for ‘multi-tasking’ combined with the unexpected and far reaching financial crisis had sent the workforce into a flat tailed spin.

Watching relatively young (30 – 50 year old) people becoming increasingly unwell, seeing their relationships fall apart and the escalating encroachment of drink, drugs and despair taking their toll made us have a long conversation about this situation and how we might help.

We had both used ourselves as walking laboratories to discover what coping strategies really worked; both of us had taught ‘stress management’ tools for some thirty years and had long term positive results and both had faced highly stressful times in our lives and overcome them by applying what we taught. The new challenge was that people felt they had no time to implement any of the relaxation processes they knew, so how to create something that could be done fast, anywhere and had powerfully positive effects?

The discussion lead to the launch of an e-course to test the condensing of all we knew with the blending of proven current psychological change processes, the study of eudemonics (happiness) and the latest information about brain function. ‘Mind Chi’ is the next version of that product.

About Mind Chi

Mind Chi began life as an e-program and then grew into a book with Wiley Publishers.  The co-authors, Vanda & Richard want Mind Chi to be a new good ‘meme’ (a meme is a thought, idea or behaviour that catches on) for the world. We want people everywhere to feel the positive effects that can be gained in just 8 minutes a day.

We then created, tested and shared our unique Mind Chi Basic 8-steps (one minute each) routine. This became a book and now to accomplish integrating Mind Chi into your life, we researched effective change processes and realised that an on-going support group made all the difference for lasting change and to create a good new habit. The concept of the Mind Chi Mentor running Mind Chi Matters sessions was born.

As the whole model grew we started a company and so in 2009 Mind Chi Ltd was formed by Vanda North. The Mind Chi concept has proven very successful and now Vanda is creating the Mind Chi franchise.