Mind Chi Basic Introduction Steps

Here are the steps to take you through the Mind Chi Basic Routine:

Step 1 – take the questionnaire for stress:


Step 2 – take the questionnaire for resilience:


Step 3 – look at the Mind Chi Basic 8 step overview:


Step 4 – IF you want more detail, Chapter 4 of the Mind Chi book is here:


Step 5 – a you tube introduction for each step, it talks you through them one by one and then times the minute for you. The first is here:


Then you can find the next 7  from there.
There is also a shorter version, for when you are more familiar with the routine; it contains a brief introduction and the timed minute:


The maximum time you will need on only one day is 12 minutes and just 8 (or less) for the others.

Do your Mind Chi Basic 8 steps, taking just 8 minutes for 28 days and then retake the Mind Chi Stress & Resilience Questionnaires – see the difference for yourself!

Contact Mind Chi for the Mind Chi in Action – advanced level – where you apply Mind Chi to a specific problem or goal – it becomes even MORE exciting!

Grab the reins of control, build your resilience and life a life of energy and joy.