Mind Chi Basic 8-minute routine

Mind Chi Chat – good gracious gratitude!

That phrase, ‘Good gracious gratitude’ could be read several ways.
Gratitude is indeed good and gracious.
As a grateful person, you will usually feel more ‘gracious’, tolerant and forgiving of any acts of indiscretion from others.
And there is increasing scientific and phycological research speaking of how ‘good’ it is for you.
There are benefits to your body, brain and general wellbeing.
Finally, if you decide to really try gratitude on, you may exclaim ‘Good gracious gratitude!’ when you experience the difference it can make in your life.

Mind Chi Step 8 – gratitude

In the final step of the 8-step/minute Mind Chi routine, we close with a minute of thinking about all the things / people / experiences / times for which you are or will be grateful. Just 1-minute. Performed every day as a part of your 8-minute Mind Chi daily routine, accumulates your benefits.

Gratitude, the 8th step of Mind Chi
Gratitude, the 8th step of Mind Chi

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is an emotion, a readiness to show your appreciation. For that to happen, you need to re-visit our friend ‘awareness’. Put out your gratitude antennae, be tuned to the chances to see and express your gratitude.

Gratitude is also a trait, you can grow the habit of gratitude. It becomes how you see the world. How you judge other’s actions. How you feel inside.

8 ways gratitude improves your life, it can:

  1. improve your physical health – you want to take care of yourself
  2. make you sleep better
  3. raise your psychological wellbeing – if you are grateful, it is difficult to be depressed!
  4. increase your self esteem, building self confidence and self concept
  5. enhance empathy whilst reducing anger and aggression
  6. extend your relationships, people like to be around grateful people
  7. boost your resilience, your ‘bounceability’ increases and

Please let us know the difference it has made for YOU!

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Showing how memory and positive success associations link in your brain
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