Don't let the stress put a strain on you!

Mind Chi Chat – Happy brain transitions…

TRANSITIONS – the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.
How do you respond to that statement? Is it with excitement – ‘Oh goodie, something new??!!’ Or is it with trepidation, ‘Oh no, here we go again, can’t they leave stuff alone?’ Or is it with neutral, open anticipation, ‘What opportunities might this bring?’

Transitions are so very necessary

Transitions are brain friendly and crucial to your positive functioning.

Your brain continues to think about the last thing you focused on, AFTER you have stopped working on it!
This is when it sorts, orders, files, wonders, makes sense of the information, or not.

So you MUST have at least a 5 – 10 minute gap before you start a fresh project, for your brain to serve you best. This is why meetings should be NO more than 45 minutes. Allow for a 15 minute gap – 5 to stand up and have a fluid level adjustment, and allow your brain to do its natural integration; 5 to breathe, chat, send a follow up email, and 5 to start to think about the next meeting.

‘ I am really negative about this 3-day training!’

That was voiced by the boss and seconded by his Senior Leadership Team as the introduction to the 3-day workshop. It now had to lead it over teams as we were unable to get together in person.

NOT the greatest of ways to start. So, what to do? I set about to create a series of very short 1 – 5 minute transitions to take us from one very serious topic to the next. We would all stand up and do some physical activity, that was mostly fun and fast. A couple were calming and re-energising breathing activities.

The stress no longer takes a strain on you

Gotta BEAT this attitude!

After that rather negative introduction, agenda, participation rules I has about 4 minutes to offer an alternative to the palpable negative gloom hanging over everyone. So I went through BEAT!

B – Body…
Some slow breaths in and out with an explosion to eject any negativity, and in breath with calm and optimism. And a quick ‘x-ray’ , To wiggle out any jaw, neck or tummy tensions.

E – Emotions…
I started by acknowledging the validity of their current feelings. Then asking, ‘Is that a help to you? Your colleagues? Your team and it’s success? If not, might you wish to try on some other emotions? Would anticipation, openness, receptivity be more constructive?

A – Actions…
I warned them there would be lots of up and down, so their brains, backs and derrières would be exercised. Would they participate enthusiastically? The more you put in, the more you get out.’

T – Thoughts…
They would all be sharing 6 months of their very hard work. That deserved, respect, and attention. Look for gaps and overlaps. Look for a new thought that may come from having this overview of all sections at the same time.

And so we got down to work. And they did brilliantly! We had short presentations, with opportunities for questions and discussion. Much laughter and deep questions, thoughts and open sharing. Really productive and enjoyable.

Factor transitions into your life

Between work and home; between waking up and getting ready for the day; between eating and the next activity – do them all through your day. Use mini-transitions, acknowledged and appreciated, before you go on to the next thing. Feel the power of T!
Please let me know the differences you experience.

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