Your brain treats every thought as REAL!

Mind Chi Chat – how to BE!

I know my dear Mother was always telling me ‘how to be’, and mostly that was to do with how to behave like a lady. This is different! Here we consider the beingness of you for the doingness that you have to do! What do I mean?

Think forward for the next 24 hours. There will be certain things that you know you have to do. You may prepare a report, or bake a cake or collect materials you need for a project. All these are important aspects of preparation.

But what about – how to BE?

There will be an optimum emotion(s) for every activity you have to do. We seldom give active thought to these. You may be excited and hopeful about something, and that is good. However is there another practical addition to your emotional cocktail? Fo example, would it help is you were also receptive? Or appreciative? Or flexible?

What about when you are worried about an upcoming activity?

Maybe you have to make a presentation and you are dreading it. You have an important meeting and you see it as a cacophony of horrors. You have a pending medical procedure and you are terrified. This is where thinking about the best emotions for what you are about to experience is so crucial.


Every thought is real, so the brain orders the body to respond.

Yes! So if you ‘think’ fear, worry, anxiousness and doubt, your brain acts on those orders. At this point, your brain tells your body to prepare for flight or flight, the only response to a stressor it knows. Then your body is flooded with chemicals that are not best for your continued wellbeing.

Choose how you want to BE!

My most impactful personal experience was when, at 70 years young, I had my very first hospital visit and operation. To make it worse, my husband was going to be in Australia – very far away, for about a month. I really thought about the emotions I wanted; curious; open; trusting; and even allowing for some fun. Every time a fear crept in, I reiterated what I wanted. I have to say, even I was amazed at the power of what I experienced – just as I wanted.

Mind Chi step 7 – future, plan

Your penultimate step of the 8-step/minute Mind Chi routine, is to plan the future you wish to experience. You think forward 24 hours, what are the actions you have to do?
Now, what are the emotions that will best serve you? Add this to your daily preparation and in just 1 minute you will have set your day up for success.

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Showing how memory and positive success associations link in your brain
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