Inner peas!

Mind Chi Chat – inner peas

Haha! No, that is NOT a typo!!! Please excuse my humour – it is spring, and I do get the best spring fever. Normal service will soon resume!!

Do you have ‘inner peas’? And inner peace as well? Two experiences made me think about this over the weekend and so I wanted to see how it was for you.

The first was that I was busy in the garden. We are blessed with a reasonable sized garden and we love to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. We also like to sit in it and watch them grow and entertain in it as well. So it is much used.

This weekend one of my jobs was to put up a mesh for the peas to climb up. This year we are growing them in one of our raised beds, so I created this round ‘fence’ for them.

Inner peas in action!

Not the most beautiful thing, however, I hope it does the job. There is now also a row of outer peas and as I was walking away, my thoughts were on inner peas (peace) and how much that simple task had provided me with joy, contentment and peace.

‘The sage and the guide’ was the second way to inner peas

The second thing that happened this weekend was the reconnection with a colleague from over 20 years ago, Raju Mandhyan. We had worked together when I ran Buzan Centres worldwide. I love it when people pop back up, and you pick up the conversation as though no time has passed.

Raju now has a podcast called ‘The sage and the guide’ and asked me to be a guest speaker. I was thrilled. The main topic was ‘Reset for Resilience’ and as we began the discussion, the topic of contentment and inner peace came up.

We spoke of the attitude that creates inner peace. That it is not money, or things, just attitude. Having lived in Palm Beach for some 40 years I see how those things alone, never bring inner peace.

Are you rich?

Years ago someone asked me that question. I replied ‘Yes!’ Many years later, I discovered in conversation with this person, they thought I meant I had money.
No! I meant that I felt the beautiful sunrise was just for me – every morning! The diamonds hanging on the hibiscus (morning dew) were for me! That moon smiling in the sky, was just for me! I was and am rich beyond imagination and that brings me contentment, joy and inner peas!

‘MY’ sunrise!

We need inner peace more now than ever before

Having inner peace and contentment, does not mean inactivity. I am still passionately trying to make a positive difference in broadening understanding of ‘learning differences’; in helping with the awful situation in the Ukraine; and with sharing coping strategies for Resilience for change.

However, as President Zelensky said, I do it from the strength of love and peace, not anger, frustration or fear. How about you? Do you experience inner peace? It is inside you – just try reconnecting with it… you may find that it increases your energy, motivation and resilience – worthwhile methinks! Please let me know your thoughts.

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