Negative? Or positive responses

Mind Chi Chat – negative!

Mind Chi is all about building your resilience and positively directing your mental energy ,
so why do I want address the ‘negative’?

Step 3 of the Mind Chi 8-step routine is ‘Adjust’

This step is the one which usually generates most questions and concerns.
Let me put it into context.

Do you ever find that you are:
– repeating the same negative scenarios in your head?
– having the same arguments with those close to you?
– cross with yourself for saying or doing something hurtful?
– wishing that you had waited before you had responded sharply?
– wanting to improve a relationship, but slipping back each time?
– becoming upset with yourself for not making positive progress?

Yes! It is SO difficult to change negative behaviours!

The adjust the negative step is your opportunity to day by day, make incremental tweaks towards the way you would WISH to act, think, respond and live.

First become aware of your responses: now you have 1-minute every day, not to tell yourself off, or beat yourself up. But to look back and think, ‘I would rather have said / done / acted / been / thought in this way’.

Negative? Or positive responses
Negative? Or positive responses

How to make habit change happen?

The idea is that by working on amending a habit with tiny steps and consistently is the way to actually make change happen!

In this step 3 minute, you have the opportunity to look back over the past 24 hours and acknowledge those moments when you were less than your most wonderful self, and count them on your NON-dominant hand.

Even MORE important is to think, ‘How might I start to make this exchange improve?’
It is to learn the LESSONS for your positive tweaking of your behaviour.
That is what you pull from the minute.

At the end of this minute, brush or blow away the things you recalled from your non-dominant.
They are done, finished – they have shared their lesson and now you can move on.

The past is… PAST!

Let it GO! No need to review, rethink, re-agonise over it!

It will only be you who brings any past action alive in the now – and here you are using your mental energy against you. Remembering the lessons of the tweaks you WANT to make, is allowing your mental energy to work FOR you – much better!

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