Mind Chi Chat – positive successes!

Ahhhh… after ‘negative’ last week, this week we balance it with – yes… positive!

And I always like to use the term ‘realistically positive’ – looking for the positive facts in any situation.
NOT an ‘Everything is just wonderful!’ when it clearly is not!

After you have pulled the lessons from the ‘negative’ review, you have some small opportunities to begin to change yourself to the you, you most want to be.

Step 4 – Associate the positive successes

This forth minute of the Mind Chi 8-minute routine, is for you to recall all the positive and successful things you have said, done or thought over the past 24 hours.

It may be that you took a breath before responding to a negative comment someone made – yes!! That is a success! Count this on your dominant hand.

You know when you put in extra effort on a project and even of no one else says anything, give yourself a pat on the back – bravo me!!

And why call this step ‘associate’?

Here is also one of the great secrets to a good memory and the basic functioning of your brain, it is the power of association. Your brain automatically links and connects one piece of information to another. For example, you see a person you have not seen in a long time, and at once where you both were, what you did, who else was involved… All floods back into your mind.

Multi-ordinate nature of words -positive!
Multi-ordinate nature of words -positive!

Here is nature’s example of the multi-ordinate nature of words – the many hooked associations. Think of ‘strawberries’ and what flood of words can be quickly linked, connected and associated? If you have 20 items to remember, and you group them into say, 4 groups, each of the key group words will ‘pull’ the other words back from your mind.

The 4th step of Mind Chi is positive associations

This 4th step of Mind Chi is very powerful for building your self concept. Many are feeling rather dented at this time, and catching and counting all the positive successes you have achieved, and then linking and associating them to all the others reinforces that ‘I am a worthwhile person!’

If you, or anyone dear to you is feeling down, then not only counting these successes every day on your dominant hand, as you recall them, but also writing them down in a journal, or coloured notes and putting them in a lovely glass jar – helps to reinforce and booster your and their confidence.

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Showing how memory and positive success associations link in your brain
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