REconnecting to REvitalise

Mind Chi Chat – REconnecting

Funny how life often seems to go in clumps – I am having a clump of reconnecting at this time. One of the many advantages to having been on this planet for quite a while, is that I have an amazing network of friends all over this planet.

Sometimes a special need or experience fires the REason to REconnect, and other times you may see a comment on social media, and want to REspond. Sometimes they just pop into your head. If that happens several times, or someone else also mentions them, then I know I need to ping a note.

Be the one to initiate. Don’t you love it when someone REconnects with you? Well, they will love it as much, when you connect to them.

REset for REsilience

Fellow Mind Chi Mentors and Change Makers, Jill Whittington and Nicky Carew and I are beaming a ‘REset for REsilience’ coffee chat on Friday 13th May at noon BST with LikendIn. Please pop in and join us if you can. Another theme at this time, seems to be ‘RE- .. ‘ REset and REconnect; nature is REnewing with all the fresh leaves shooting forth; REconsider and even REsilient!

The prefix RE from the Latin ‘wre’ meaning ‘again’. It is a way of REcommitting. Something worth doing again, or needed again.

The power of purpose to REvitalise

Several of my colleagues and The Change Maker Group and I have been concentrating on having a Purpose in life – and using that purpose as a steering wheel to assist with building your REsilience in and joy for life.

As Cathy Summers and I share in a 2-part insights article for The Change Maker Group, purpose has a way of REenergising you, your family and friends, your team or group and even your whole company. Here is the link if you want to REconsider what your purpose is or could be.

REset to REconnect for your REsilience

And to the REconnecting

I just love it when maybe even several years have gone by, and an ‘old’ colleague and friend ‘pops’ up. And you just carry on the conversation as though not even a moment has passed. Maybe you catch up about ‘How is so and so?’ ‘Have you seen x?’ Or we may recall a time we shared. These are treasures – riches of life. And we REmember them afresh and add to them the ‘now’ component.

I am sending you very best RE wishes in all their forms. Please tell us what RE’s you have REcently experienced!

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