Mind Chi Chat – use your mental energy!

OK – and what IS my ‘mental energy’?

Your mental energy is something you use every moment of every waking day, and yet, seldom think about it and how to use it for your well being. This is especially important in this time of constant and prolonged stressors and the strain they may be making on your resilience, attitude and overall get up and go.

Has your get up and go, got up and gone?!

I was watching a little one walk home from school with his mother, and every few steps he did a skip and a hop and a little dance move, it was a delight to see. Now it may look a little strange if all we adults went through the supermarkets like that. However, expressing delight, curiosity and joy are great boosters to your mental energy AND can rub off on anyone in the vicinity!

What’s happening here??!!

An example of what your mental energy can do for you.

You have had a really BAD day at work / school / home and you are absolutely beat!
You collapse in a chair and proclaim that you can’t move a finger. You stodge like this for 30 minutes or so. Then your phone rings, it is a very dear friend you haven’t seen in ages and he is unexpectedly in town and available NOW!! Like a flash you are up, showered and out of the door, where you share a lively and wonderful evening, chatting until the small hours – what happened there?

Try tuning in to your mental energy.

One way yo do that is with the simple 8-step/minute routine called Mind Chi.
Over the next weeks, I will deep dive into each minute and the positive difference each can make to your management of mental energy.

It is your great gift and resource – use it well!

Yo! What’s going on here? May I play??!!

Chi and I are standing by on the ready to take your calls and emails!

Chi & I look forward to seeing / hearing from YOU!!!

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