Who am I right NOW? Check your BEAT!

Mind Chi Chat – who are you right NOW??

So many wise writings talk about ‘being present’. In this week’s Mind Chi Chat, I ask, ‘Who are you right now?’

You have often seen me mention how important being AWARE is – and here is the crucial time to be aware!

Step 5 of Mind Chi is to ‘check’

And to make this as easy, quick and memorable as possible, we have created an acronym – BEAT. These letters stand for: B = Body; E = Emotions; A = Actions and T = Thoughts. In your 5th minute of the Mind Chi 8, you will quickly check all four aspects of your wellbeing.

To also aid your performing your BEAT check, here is a diagram helping you to know who you are right NOW!

Who am I right NOW? Check your BEAT!
Who am I right NOW? Check your BEAT!

Touch your thumb to each finger as you consider what is happening in you, right now.

Your Mind Chi BEAT check – how to know who you are right NOW!

B = Body
Do a quick ‘x-ray’ of your body. Where do you feel any tension? Jaw, neck, shoulders? How are you sitting? Are your vertebrae stacked nicely and your back straight? How is your tummy area? Just note what is happening in your body RIGHT NOW!

E = Emotions
Now become conscious of the emotions you are feeling. Are you grumpy, frustrated, overwhelmed? Or calm, joyful, concentrating? The big question is, ‘Is this the best emotion for what you are doing?’ I imagine all my negative emotions in rooms, down a long corridor and on the other side of the corridor are all my positive emotions. If I am in a negative room and it does not serve my actions, then I consider what is most appropriate and walk, in my mind’s eye, into that room. For example, I may be feeling frustrated, this is not helpful, so I choose to be focused instead.

A = Actions
Consider what you were just doing. Were you using only the necessary amount of energy for the action? An email sent when you are calm uses far less energy than one banged out in anger!

T = Thoughts
Here is where you listen in to the chatter going on inside your head. Research says that it is mostly negative. STOP THAT!! Have one listen, to see if there may be a valid point that you need to address, and then say, ‘Thank you for sharing, and good bye!’ Now, tune up that little voice that wants to support and assist you. Speak to yourself as you would to encourage and support someone you really love and care about.

Now you know HOW to know who you are right NOW!

Along with saying how important it is to be present, there are not many clear, easy descriptions of how to do that. This BEAT is also based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which you may have heard about. So now you know how to know who you are right NOW – next week you get to be able to take control of how you are in the now!
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