Mind Chi Chats – could this be the worst day of the year?

How are you feeling? Could this be the ‘worst day of the year’?

Why might that be?

How are YOU feeling?

As I look out on the grey-black sky, know how cold it is, know that there are two or three more months of darkness and coldness. That all the planning and excitement coming up to the holiday time is over, and what is left? Bills, New Year resolutions already slipping away; clothes feeling tighter than before and memories of words spoken over the holidays that were not pleasing. Plus all the niggles and griggles feel worse! Pah!
Is that how you feel?

This middle(ish) Monday in January was supposedly calculated by a professor*, using many factors, including:
weather conditions,
debt level (the difference between debt accumulated and our ability to pay),
time since Christmas,
time since failing our new year’s resolutions,
low motivational levels and
feeling of a need to take action.

The formula created was: W + D + T + Q + M + Na = S

Where weather = W; debt = D; time since Christmas = T;
time since failing our new year’s resolutions = Q; low motivational levels = M
the feeling of a need to take action = Na and
S = Sad! 🙁

Research is saying that since the pandemic, the number of people suffering from depression, has nearly doubled. I believe that is the tip of the iceberg. All those service workers who have pushed through are now close to burnout. People who have lost their jobs, or loved ones, or been sick, or have long Covid, and… and… and…

And it is also a MONDAY!!

It is important to know that it is OK to be not OK, or even not good!

The KEY thing is to know you are not going to stay there, that you can and will bounce back.

Resilience does not mean you’ll never be depressed / unhappy / angry / sad…

Your resilience bounce ability
Your resilience bounce ability

When you feel like a squashed ball – be with it. It is another form of energy.
However, resilience DOES mean that you know you’ll eventually bounce back stronger and better than ever before.

Important to know that it is OK to be NOT OK!

You are battling a load of strain inducing elements – plus all above, and it is IMPORTANT to know that it is OK to be NOT OK! Allow yourself a little gentleness. Treat yourself as you would a treasured friend who is suffering. Give yourself a few treats. Allow yourself some flexibilities – and enJOY them!

Soon you’ll feel that little spring like bubble of JOY and happiness and feeling alive, to creep back… it is coming!!

* There is actually no scientific backing for Blue Monday – it was originally created as a travel PR campaign. However, many people feel squired and so it caught on – a meme!!

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