Mind Chi Chats – go backwards to go forwards!

Why is it important and effective to go backwards to go forwards?

Why go backwards?

It is still before the middle of January so time to do your 2021 year reflection (if you haven’t already!) When I guessed backward about the year and then compared with the reality, I was very surprised!
Please tell me if you had surprises too!

One surprise was how people focused it was in a year of much lockdown – however we zoomed and kept in touch MORE!!
Did that happen for you too?

Another surprise was that I had not achieved nearly half of my 2021 goals. That gave me reason to assess why and therefor what to do in 2022.
How well did you do?

Applying backwards to go forwards

Well, I liked that I made the focus to be in touch with my ‘family of choice’ and so I want to keep that up in 2022.

To help me be more aware of my intended goals, I will put it more in view and have a monthly review of progress. Further I will plan to do MUCH LESS!
Yes! a few goals that I will really make a priority.

Vanda’s 2022 direction!

And if I get my goals done before the end of the year, I can always add more!

So what are YOU going to do?

As you probably noticed, I have changed the name of this weekly blog because I wanted it to become more of a conversation. I may share some of the topics / actions that I am doing and would love your responses, ideas, questions, topics that are important to you. It is my hope that we can develop a dialog.

So please contact us!
Chi and I are standing by on the ready to take your calls and emails!

Chi & I look forward to seeing / hearing from YOU!!!

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