Mind Chi Chats – just in case!

Chi & I wanted to plant this awareness in your minds – just in case!

More figures about how strained from all the stressors so many are feeling:
46% say it is the workload; 28% the people (with whom they work, mostly); 20% work-life IM-balance and 6% lack of job security! Plus 25% of people felt EXTREMELY strained from all the holiday stressors – not good!
Just in case this is you or someone on your team, you can now be ready!
So, how about you, how are you faring?

Your paperclips are too close to MY paperclips!!

When you, or someone in your team or family, suddenly respond to something relatively minor with a major emotional outburst, realise that it is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What you can’t see!

First, check yourself. Be realistic about all you have been through these past two years, gently consider how you are managing the strain. Have you taken time to exercise; to rest well; to calm and focus your mind and to play a little?

A little can go a long way!

It is very reassuring to experience how making moments for self care can reap such dividends.
And you MUST take care of yourself, IF you are to help others!

What you can’t see!

Are you?

Secondly, now be ready that at any time, someone may be close to cracking up with strain. Remember we are all different, some can take more than others before it shows. It is NOT a competitive sport!

Thank you so much for the comments and sharings from last week!
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