Mind Chi-Chats – Spring 2012

Start of the Mind Chi-Chats
– from stressed to energised in just 8 minutes a day!
Here is our FIRST Mind Chi-Chats newsletter, somewhere, somehow, you and I met or were in contact and I have your details. It is my wish that this will provide real value for you. If you are feeling the strain of life’s stress (or know someone for whom you care, who is) or if you wish to increase your resilience and joy for life, then Mind Chi will do it’s best to assist. (If we have sent you duplicate copies, or you wish to unsubscribe, the necessary link is below.)

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In this season of spring and LOVE, Mind Chi shares 8 Ways to have Contentment and Joy!
Rather than those New Year Resolutions (remember them!?) it is nicer to go towards something than away, so here are 8 simple things that will increase the contentment and joy in your life.

Still haven’t done your 2012 business plans?
With each passing day it seems more difficult, ‘Well, I’ll just live each day as it comes!’ you may say, or, ‘Why plan? Whatever, will happen anyway!’ And in your heart you crave an easy, inviting way which powerfully carries you forward, here it is – the Mind Chi Business Mapplan!

Free – sign up for Chi-chats!
Here comes Chi, to be there for you, to listen, respond, question and assist. It is easier to tell your problems to a stranger isn’t it? So Chi is that special unknown and caring being that has your best interests at heart.

It all began in 1970!
When ‘stress’ was first named and came of age! Vanda taught some of the first ‘stress management’ courses and was intrigued by the fact that some people, although scoring as very highly stressed, managed to flourish. This began her 42 year quest to build the resilience of all people, the outcome of which is…

Stress changes how you make decisions
Trying to make a big decision while you’re also preparing for a scary presentation? You might want to hold off on that. Feeling stressed changes how you weigh risk and reward.

A new article published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, reviews how, under stress, people pay more attention to the upside of a possible outcome. READ MORE ….

Your chance to be a Mind Chi statistic!
We are setting up groups of women (because research shows that you are the most strained by all the life stresses you face – however, men are not excluded!)
NEEDED: groups in Dorset who are already meeting and could add Mind Chi as an extra hour per week; groups of ladies in companies, who would meet an hour before or after work or during lunch and who are STRESSED!
Anyone…. anyone? Please email Vanda@MindChi.com

This is YOUR Mind Chi-Chat
So please let us know what you would like more (or less) of and we will happily respond in the next quarters edition!

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