Mind Chi – Creativity-on-Demand

The Mind Chi Creativity on Demand seminar will assist you if you:  

  • are feeling that you are NOT at all creative
  • have no strategies to enhance your creativity
  • suffer from the ‘blank screen – blank mind’ syndrome
  • have your work and life out of balance
  • lack good problem solving skills
  • can’t think IN the box, let alone OUT of it!
  • have a diminished sense of humour and / or
  • feel stressed and tired on a regular basis.

At the Mind Chi Creativity on Demand seminar you will learn how to:

  • apply the mapping process to creativity enhancement
  • use your natural ‘bloom and flow’ processes
  • follow the ‘brain-blooming’ steps
  • understand the natural function of your cortex to creativity
  • kick-start your creative brain into action
  • make daydreaming a profitable activity
  • shift your assessment of your creative potential and
  • perform the 8 step/minute Mind Chi Basic routine

This will mean you will confidently have creativity on demand.
Mind Chi Sessions are available here or contact Vanda@MindChi.com to discuss your training needs

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