Mind Chi for Business

In the current economic conditions can YOUR business throw away money?

Did you know?
If you work for the Public Sector did you know that it has the distinction of having the highest levels of stress induced sickness in the workplace? At a time when every penny is being considered, losing approximately £30 billion per year because of stress related sickness and time off tasks is not good for anyone!

If many of the larger organisation are offering health initiatives to their employees there MUST be a good reason! And there is!  They experience a drop in absenteeism, increased staff morale, improved engagement, ‘presenteeism’ and  productivity. PLUS – you FEEL better!

Mind Chi for Business Sessions address the 8 key issues that Business People face.

Mind Chi directly addresses the key issues the busy Business Person wants and needs to overcome:

  • Mental Exhaustion / Tiredness
  • Stress, strain and Burnout
  • Work-Life out of Balance
  • Lack of engagement and presenteeism
  • Un-met Goals / poor Performance
  • Poor Coping Strategies
  • Lack of Energy, Resilience and Motivation and
  • Dented Self-concept.

Mind Chi believes that by caring for the individuals in the workplace, positive effects in the areas listed below may be realised.
Humans are wonderfully complex and any intervention will be influenced by so many factors that may be impacting at the same time.
Mind Chi is delighted to work with you to identify the area of greatest importance for you.
Mind Chi also works with an independent occupational psychologist – a specialist in workplace engagement and stress appraisals – to craft bespoke surveys for pre and post assessment of your return on investment
with the Mind Chi intervention. No positive impact? No payment required!   Sign up TODAY!

With Mind Chi 8 minutes a day your workforce may experience:  

  •       More energy throughout your work day
  •       Improved sleep
  •       Better concentration
  •       Decisions making improved
  •       Enhanced memory
  •        Stronger self-confidence
  •       Resilience to the strain of life’s stress
  •       Enriched work/life balance

From stressed to energised in just 8 minutes a day!
Please see the full range of Mind Chi Sessions that may be arranged in your company.  Contact Vanda@MindChi.com to discuss your needs.