Mind Chi for ladies suffering stress & burnout

Mind Chi provides resilience and coping strategies for ladies suffering the strain from life’s stress – especially NOW!  (Also for the gentlemen who care for them.)

Ladies are suffering with the constant strain of life’s stress exacerbated by the side effects of the pandemic. Maybe you or your partner are also trying to work form home, and / or you have children who cannot go to school – it is all on TOP of all your other responsibilities.

Feeling tired, over-emotional, irrational, raw and stretched to breaking point is becoming the new ‘norm’.

Is this you?  If so, start to grab the reins of control by experiencing Mind Chi TODAY!
In just 8 minutes a day you can rewire your brain to have the coping strategies that will provide the resilience you need to start to not only manage your life better but head towards being motivated, energetic and even joyful.

That is why we created Mind Chi and we would like to go on that journey with you.

Why ladies, in particular, need Mind Chi

Research shows that women respond differently to stress. Actually we even have a different sort of stress. While a man may experience stress spikes, the brain then resumes ‘normal’ function quite quickly, whereas a woman will often experience one stress inducing activity after another and so their brain does not have a chance to recover.

Whereas many men are able to ignore the pile of dishes; the dust on the table and the dirty clothes on the floor – most women just cannot!  Also men tend to have the sort of brain where different things are in different boxes. This means that whatever the prior stressor, when the football game comes on – he can completely loose himself in the game.

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Chi will help you to care for you

Chi will help you to care for you

This includes the FREE Mind Chi-Chats, where we will be sharing relevant, practical, cutting edge research on what is being learned in the stress and resilience arena and more importantly, what to do about it!  Take care of YOU – you are very important.